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About Us

Hello I am Jayash Verma, a blogger an Entrepreneur and a Continuous learner. Now talking about this blog( Social Viral New) I have a keen desire to help others in solving there  day today small and annoying problems. Remember I am not an Expert whatever I learned, I learned from My Years of Experience.

  Socialviralnew.com: A blog on Business, Technology, Health, Romance and other Trending Topics on internet. Make money online ideas and ways to be rich. Social Viral New.

  Be ensure that I am not going to make you fool or try to steal your money for giving you any ebook or video series. I am not here to play with your emotions. I know it matters a lot. This blog can help you in many ways. The topics that I have chosen to deliver post on, are now a days common on which people have questions(what I have leaned through my experience in these fields i will share each and every thing with you). If you have any question to ask then feel free to ask me as a friend you can contact me anytime. 

 This is my contact email: