Fantasy Cricket: You must have heard of the game nowadays trending in social media. Most of you even thinking of playing it or already joined this games to make money online. But do you know what Fantasy Cricket is? and how they run their business so successfully. Well here I am going to tell you all sort of information about this fantasy Cricket league? and whether you should invest in it or not?
is fantasy cricket dream 11 makes you rich

What is Fantasy Cricket League?( Dream 11)

Dream 11 is a Game of Skill (as said by the Court, the reason for not banning this game in India) and not the Game of luck( which term comes under gambling). In this game you can create your own team for Cricket, football, etc. and place them in accordance with your skills at various positions.

 The player's performance will depend on how that player did in real life games. If the player scores well that evening then you too win the prize money. This is a very short description of how these games work if you want to know in details than you can head over to youtube where you will find videos about how to play this game.

How to make money from Dream 11(Fantasy Cricket)?

Initially, you will be given 100 Credits to play this game, after selecting the team of 11 members its time to select your Team Captain and Vice-captain. Now its time to sit and watch the team playing. If your team wins then its a win-win situation for you. 
But if it loses you may lose all the Credit points and to get back credit points the game ask you to invest money on it or to refer this game to your friends then only you can continue playing this game.
Indeed this turns to be very addictive game for us. Will you still call this game The Game of Skills?

Why google Banned this game on play store?

The answer is quite simple, Dream 11 does not comply with Google policy so they have banned the games from play store. In Fact, Dream 11 team itself admitted this fact on Quora. Here's what they say...
dream 11 fantasy cricket

In Case you can't able to see the picture above :
Dream11 Fantasy Sports, says...
Unfortunately, Google Play Store's policies do not allow us to list our pay-to-play leagues on our Play Store app. You can participate in our pay-to-play leagues through our PRO App.

Is it Legal in India?

We all know that Betting on any cricket team or gambling comes under the term "Games of Luck" according to Indian High Court Verdict and so are banned in India. But Dream 11 in the eyes of law is not the Game of Luck instead its the "Game Of Skills" os it is not banned. 
The government gets a good amount of tax from this Game: Suppose you win 1 lakh rupee in this fame then you have to pay a tax of 30% to the Government which means 30k and finally, you will get 70K.

How Fantasy Cricket Makes Money from you.

They organize competitions for Big Prize money and add some amount of entry fee with it. The model of this Business is identical to that of Lottery System. In this way, they manage to Make a huge amount of profit form you. '

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Finally, you got an overall idea of Dream 11. How it works and makes money from this game. If anyone asks me to play this game then I would rather prefer to avoid it and think of some big ideas to work upon like this. Obviously, this is a great business model for them to make money but for you, it's just a waste of time. In my opinion, you should think about long-term plans to make money online. If you have any Queries then write in the comment below.

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