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How to block or unblock any number from your phone

how to block or unblock calls

How to block or unblock any number from your phone.

Hello, Friends today I m going to tell you how you can block or unblock any number from your contact list or from your call logs. This is very important for you to learn how to block numbers from your phone. Especially if you are a girl because girl usually gets too many unwanted calls from random numbers and of course from "unwanted" people. This turns irritating at some moment. So today I came up with a good treat for this. Friends today I am going to tell you how you can block any number from your phone with these two methods

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One is very simple and for other, you need to take help of third-party app to block calls. You might be thinking if I can block numbers on my phone itself then why should I need to install a third-party app on my phone. You may be unaware of the fact that many phones in today's world don’t have block features in them I fall in this category too, at that moment we need to install a third-party app.
Once you will learn how to block calls, no one ever will be able to irritate you in next time. So keep reading this article an I am going to tell you to step by step process of blocking unwanted calls from your cell phone. And of course, don't forget to share this article ( So that you can help others  too.)

How we can Block Numbers? The First Method.

So number one is directly blocking the number that is irritating you since while. So for that, I have written step by step procedure. Simply follow these steps and all done.

1. Open calling app or app from which you make calls. There find the number that you want to put on the block list. simply tap on it. There you will find the options Add to Block List, if not then click on the 3 dots on the right-hand corner of your phone screen in a vertical position. 
steps to block calls
2. Once you get the add to block list option simply click on it. Now you need to verify wheater you really want to add that particular number to the block list. Once you verified it will ask you to tick on the option SMS and call if you only want to block the call and not the msgs from that person the only tick on call option but if you want to block messages too then tick on both the option. 
how to block sms and number
Once you did that click on the Ok button at the bottom of your phone or (at the top of some phones).

How to unblock a Blocked number?

It may be possible that you have blocked a number which you don’t want to block. So now you need to unblock that number and for that, you can simply follow these steps below.

  • Click on the Three dots at the top right corner of the calling app.
how to unblock numbers
Next step is to select the contact that you previously added to the block list and now want to Unlock it. Once you have selected the contact again click on the 3 dots on the top left corner of your phone screen where you will find the Delete Records. option. Simply click on it and you will find the contact which was selected is now disappeared from the block list.
steps to unblock or block a number
Now, this was the first method by which you can put any number from your phone to block lists and if you by mistake put some number in the block list you can even unblock it by simply following this method. It's time for the second method, this method. This Method is for those who don't have call blocking feature on their phones.
 I am using Cool pad Note 3 right now and I fond no such feature of call blocking and message blocking on my phone so in that case, I find it difficult to block any irritating calls. So I have no other option but to choose a third party app to do it form me. So let us see how we can do it. 

How to block  CALLs from unwanted number using 3rd party app:

Sometimes we don’t find blocking option in our smartphone like in my phone I don’t have any blocking feature so what I did was, I installed a third party app from the Play Store to block the calls and messages from annoying peoples.  

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For that, you need to have play store in your phone pre-installed and updated. Simple head over to Play Store and search for the term "call blocker" in the search box and you will find tons of option. You can install any one of them but remember to check its ratings and number of downloads. 

There are many companies or apps who promises to block unwanted calls but secretly steal all your personal information and other contacts and sell them to other companies who then misuses your information for their personal benefits. So you need to very carefully before downloading and installing those apps on your phone( Warning: Do this step at your own risk)

If you ask me to suggest an app that can help you to block numbers then I may can't able to suggest you the one. But I am using True Caller on my phone. And I have chosen this because it has a good number of downloads and a satisfactory rating. I personally go for rating and number of reviews it received from its users then I do a little bit of research for that company and eventually makes the decision to install it.
 But I know this will be a boring thing for you to do, so I am giving the example of True caller app in this article to make it easier for you to make the decision. You just need to download this app and follow the steps given below.

Steps to block numbers or phone calls from unknown people.

Once you have installed the app, open it and sign in using your phone number. tap on the Block button on the top of the screen.
how tyo block calls using true caller
Once you have done click on the Add button and select the number from your call logs or contacts whichever you want to block and all done. 
add calls or numbers to block list

My opinion about this app is that this app some time works and sometimes don't but you can't correct it because this problem is with all 3rd party apps.

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So finally I am assuming that you have read both the ways and have successfully blocked that unwanted numbers on your phone. both these methods of blocking numbers form your phone are tested by me and work perfectly but if you still have any doubts then you can contact me using my contact us form or simply put your queries in the comment below I try to reply each and every comment. I hope you like this Article and don’t forget to share this knowledge with your friend's below are the share buttons for facebook twitter, whats app, and many others. The more you share knowledge the, mote you gain it.

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