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Flagship SmartPhone? Its Important to know.

Flagship SmartPhone: You must have heard of Flagship smartphones released by some well-known brands. Flagship Smartphones are not specially belonged to one brand and launched by them instead almost all big brands like Samsung launches its flagship phones to remain high in the competitive market. Here I am going to tell you what flagship smartphones mean? and the top 5 flagship smartphones till date.

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 flagship smartphones?

What is Flagship SmartPhone?

A flagship Smartphone means the best smartphone a particular phone manufacturer has ever manufactured. For instance, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the flagship smartphone till date by Samsung.
Surely the best phone or the Strongest built according to the company which they had ever produced. The company tries to increase its level in the market by producing these types of phone. In a flagship smartphone, you will get all those features which were not introduced by the manufacturer in its previous phones.

let's make it more simple and easy to understand. If you compare two smartphones by the same brand then you will notice that a flagship phone has more functionality and perfectness in comparison with all its other phones. you can compare in terms of camera, built quality, overall performance, its processor, RAM and other such things.

Top 5 Flagship Smartphones Till Date.

Now Let's look at the top 5 best flagship phones of 2018. This year many companies have boosted their performance to come up with the best flagship smartphones. Beating all others far behind these phones captured the top 5 positions. The list goes beyond 5 but to keep this article crisp I short the list of five best flagship phones till date. so here are they:

5. LG V30
4. Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+
3. Google Pixel 2
2. Samsung Galaxy Note 8
1. Apple I Phone X

You must have heard one more word following Flagship which is Flagship Killer. So flagship killers are those phones which mean to crush the competitions of the flagship phones. For this reason, flagship killers are launched at a very low price with the same specification as that of its competitor in the market.

Indeed "flagship" is meant to boost smartphone sells. I hope you are well aware of what flagship smartphones are? If you want to know more interesting facts to boost your knowledge then keep in touch with us. Get our newly published articles directly in your email. Subscribe to our newsletter at the top right corner is the newsletter form enter your email and confirm your membership in our community.

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