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What is TRP? All you need to know.

Do you know what is the full form of TRP and for what purpose it is used?
Today I am going to tell you in details. If you watch TV then you must have heard of TRP. People used to say Kapil Sharma show gets high TRP and other serials have lower TRP. But very few of us know what does this TRP means. If you really want to know What TRP is? Then you are in the right place. Because today I am going to give you all the information about TRP(Television Rating Point) and how it is checked?

Full Form of TRP ?

What is TRP?

TRP means Television Rating Point. This tool is used for calculating which TV channels are being watched more and which are not performing well. This data is used by advertising agencies as well as TV channels for various purpose.

How TRP is checked?

To check TRP of a TV Channel or Serials a device called People's Meter is attached to DTH connections. This device with the help of specific frequencies tells that which channel or serial are being watched at a given time and at a given region. And how many times advertisement are being displayed on a particular channel. This information are then sent to Team Member ( Indian Television Audience Measurement). After analyzing all these data the Team Publish its Report on a weekly basis on its own website: www.barcindia.co.in
People's Meter is not set to each and every house of India. The team of expert choose the locations and house where the People's Meter is to be placed. These decisions are made by keeping in mind different groups of people at a different place of the country. These houses are kept the secret to give an unbiased rating and avoid any unusual activity. If they found any suspicious activity in the place where Meter is placed then they remove it from there and place somewhere else.

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How TRP is used? Does it has any effect on TV channels and Serials?

I hope you understand that TRP (Television Rating Point) is directly related to channel's or serial's popularity. So its obvious that it has some impacts on channels revenue.

TV channels like Sony, Star, Discovery, National Geography and rest of the channels make money through advertising. In this condition, if channel's TRP goes down then it may affect the revenue of that channel. Similarly if TRP boost then the channel can earn huge amount of profit through advertising. For example, if you are watching a high TRP show like Family Time with Kapil Sharma then the advertisement between ad breaks cost huge money to advertising agencies and bring More profit to that Serial.
I hope that you have understood What does TRP mean? and How it works? If you have any queries then you can ask me in the comments below. Don't forget to share this article to help others gain some knowledge.

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