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Top 7 Redmi Note 5 Pro Camera Tricks and tips.

Are you a Camera lover and you just bought a Redmi Note 5 Pro then you are on the right place Today I am going to share some interesting camera tips and tricks that will make your Redmi note 5 pro camera experience even better. 

camera tricks and tips for Redmi Note 5 Pro.

Here are the most important camera tricks and tips for Redmi Note 5 Pro.

The very first trick and the most useful for all the video buffs out there is to get the 4k option on the Redmi note 5 pro camera. Well if you think about it in Redmi note 5 it's a bit cheap, but then you get the 4k option by default. On the Redmi note 5 pro, the option is missing and all you see is the full HD mode.

What now? You can install a third-party app which is called the Open Camera and it's free to use. There are a lot of options actually.In the Open Camera app, you can go to video settings and then you'll find the option to shoot the videos in the 4k mod. There's also the image stabilization option that you can get here which you might not miss from the stock camera app
Well, this is how you can get the 4k video option on your Redmi Note 5 Pro

The second trick is to put the volume rocker button to some better uses. Yes by default using the volume rocker button you can take selfies and even photos. If you are shooting with a rear camera, but then on the Redmi Note 5 Pro you can use the 2x zoom as well. But then these buttons can be put to some good use. 

By taking images with the Redmi Note 5 Pro you can choose a number of options including using them as a dedicated shutter key, zoom key or as a volume controller.

 Although I'm not really sure what purpose will the volume control serve while capturing images uninterpreted music playback perhaps. If you want to enable this you can > open the camera app head over to the > photo. Actually, that's a camera setting and then you will find the option to use the volume buttons for specific options like zooming in or taking the snap.

The third and a very important trick for the Redmi Note 5 Pro is that it can automatically enhance your low-light photos. This feature makes sure that all the pictures captured in low-light offer the best quality possible.

This mode works for both rear as well as the front camera. It makes sense to enable this feature right away to enable this >open the camera app head over to> photo> camera settings and there you'll find the option to enhance low-light photos automatically. All you need to do is just turn on the toggle from off to on. 

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Approximately almost half of the camera apps that I've used they are not able to recall the last settings. Let's say I am taking a panorama and I have shot one photo now when I close the app and next photo also I want to shoot a Panorama. They actually forget it. 
camera tricks and tips for redmi 5 pro

If you are a Redmi Note 5 Pro user you can tackle this if you just turn on the settings to remember the last save the photo in your settings. Here just make sure that you toggle the switch of the same previous mode from off to on. If it's a video mode that you would like to shoot then make sure that it becomes your default option every time you find that camera app.

 We many times says, this "photo is a bit oversaturated this photo is a bit undersaturated." If you're a Redmi Note 5 Pro user you can tackle this from the camera settings. Here you can get manual control/contrast saturation and sharpness before capturing an image. It can give a neat finish to your images by playing around with these settings or you can simply improve the way they look so head over to the > camera settings and all the options that you want to toggle would be right there.

Now the next tip is for all the selfie lovers. This one thing that can irritate a selfie lover is to manually set the focus. Let's say you are taking a selfie with your friends, family, spouse whatever and just when you want to click the shutter button the camera focuses on something that's in the background and not you. It can be really irritating.

So well there's a hidden feature on the Redmi note 5 pro camera settings to take care of this problem easily all you need to do is enable the focus function or the press and pull shutter button feature. Now next time you need to focus on something just hold the shutter button for a few seconds and the phone will do the job.

Finally the last trick again for the selfie lovers, is to use the fingerprint button as a shutter button. Before this, you might be using the volume rocker button to take selfies, but then there's a high probability that while taking the selfies like if you are pressing the button the camera might shake. Just make sure that you enable the settings while you're using the Redmi Note 5 Pro camera and well after that all you need to do is just say cheese and use the selfie shutter. 

So, friends, these were seven cool camera tips and tricks for all the Redmi Note 5 Pro users out there and some of them can be backtrack to Redmi Note 5 also because let's face the fact both of them are Redmi and a few settings would be similar so if you're a Redmi note 5 user you can try them. To subscribe to our Newsletter by putting your Email Id in the Newsletter box at the right top of this Article.

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