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How to Use Android Phone As CCTV Security Camera

How to Use Android Phone As CCTV Security Camera

With each passing year Android smartphones get upgraded, you get the latest and the greatest hardware for your smartphone but have you ever thought that what happens and what you can do with your old age smartphone. Which is not compatible with the latest operating system. All the latest and the best application that are available on the Android platform won't work on your smartphone, so have you ever thought that how you can reuse that smartphone since it is not getting upgraded and you are not being able to run the latest applications on your smart phone.
How to Use Android Phone As CCTV Security Camera

 Well we have the perfect solution. Today we will be talking about how you can reuse your smart phone and make a security camera out of it. So now we will be talking about an application called Alfred which can practically run on any of the older smart phones or the newer ones, also and you can make a remote surveillance camera or an intrusion detection camera out of your older smartphone.
First things first you need an old Android smartphone this can be one generation old to generation or three generation old. Basically you need a smartphone that powers on and can access Google Play services or has access to the Google Play Store. Once you are at the Google Play Store download the application called Alfred- Home security Camera

alfred home security camera with your smart phone

Once you have downloaded this application install it on your Android smartphone. Now from there the setup is pretty easy the application is very easy to use and to enable the security camera feature on your smartphone. All you need to do is go through a number of steps of which includes number one is to link this application to your Google account

Your Google account is needed so that you can access your feed from anywhere in the world. Alfred works as a receiver and a viewer. When I say receiver it means that it works as a camera which is placed in order to record the footage or to see whatever is happening at your home or at your office. 
By viewer I mean a device on which you can check out the feed. Feed can also be checked out through the website by going to The best thing about Alfred is that all the settings that are required on your smartphone can also be tweaked through a web interface or the receiver device. 

What you can do with the Remote device:
  1. You can turn the flash on and off 
  2. You can turn the night mode on your camera.
  3. You can reverse the camera orientation.
  4. You can also switch from back to front.

All these features are available in a free to use application. Alfred also has a premium feature integrated into its application. Which means that you are recording whatever you are recording through the application is also stored on the cloud and for that you have to pay some amount. But if you are just looking for a plain simple surveillance camera this is one of the best applications available on the Google Play Store.

Watch this video:

 They don't charge you a single penny for this. Yes, Alfred is compatible with a number of cameras you can install it on multiple older smartphones and use them as a webcam. But for going for a multi-user device or a multi-user surveillance mode you'll have to pay some additional amount. Because it's a premium feature on the application.

So well that's it for today and I hope that you have liked what we have done with our older smartphone and we have turned into a security or a surveillance camera and I really hope that you have liked this Article if you have liked this Article don't forget to give us a Share (Facebook, Twitter, anywhere..) don't forget to subscribe to our News Feed.

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