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How To Make Money with mCent Browser?

how to make money with mcent app

Can we make money with mCent browser?

Friends, who are Unaware of earning money from mCent recharge app. All of us may have earned some amount of money from this app. Now, mCent is giving a new way of earning money to his users. Mcent has launched his browser app called mCent Browser. I will tell you how to make money with this app.

I downloaded Mcent Browser app on my phone and try to earn some money from it. Today I am going to tell you that whether you can earn money from this app or not. If you are searching for ways to make money online then continue reading this article.

Mcent Browser:

A few days back Google has deleted UC Browser app from Play Store. Because UC Browser was secretly stealing data from user's phone. We all know that UC browser has been used by so many peoples. UC Browser will launch his app again with a new update.

We used to test different apps all the time, mCent has taken the opportunity of this gap and launched his own browser app. They are also giving a chance to make money with their Browser so that many People can download their app.

Mcent browser has all the features that were available in UC Browser along with a new feature of earning money from it.

Incognito Browser.
Home screen shortcut.
Data Saver.
Smart search.
Smart downloading.
And much more.
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How to make money with Mcent app?

This is the question for which you were reading this article. And when I downloaded this app I was also thinking to make 50 to 100 rupees a day.
But when I downloaded Mcent app from Play Store. I saw a weird option to create an account in it. It was weird because excepting chrome Browser no other Browser required this information. 

I logged in. I thought to make money by referring it to my friends. But when I entered my dashboard, instead of money I saw points option. It means if I refer one friend then it will get 9000 points.Along with it, mCent was also providing some extra points for Surfing the internet. And if you use Facebook, google then you get some more extra points.


Can you transfer money from Mcent Browser to your Paytm wallet or bank account?

If you are thinking to transfer money that you are earned here to your Paytm wallet or bank account, then let me tell you guys you are wrong! You can only redeem these points to recharge your phone. But you cannot transfer this money to your bank or spend it to buy any other things. If you have 9000 points then you can do a recharge of 9 Rupees only after 2 to 3 days.

make money app download

If you are thinking that by surfing the internet you can be able to make 50 to 100 rupees a day then it's impossible. If you make 1000 points by surfing the internet then you are the luckiest person in this universe. For doing this you will have to use the internet whole day and night.

Mcent Browser is same as UC Browser. This kind of app makes fool. They also Steal user's information and sell them to other companies and making money from it. According to me, this browser is not even suitable for using the internet nor even for making money online. To making money from mCent app it will take you more than a month. If anyone will ask me whether this app is good or not then my reply will be "No, not at all." what's your view on this write in the comment below.

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