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What is the full Form of Google?

Google Full Form: This question is the most popular question on the internet. If you want to know the full form of Google then you must read this article. Not only this I will also tell you the full form of all other Big Brands.Like Yahoo IBM, MRF,  and much more.Every Company has a definite meaning of its name and logo. But there is Something that you don't know about Google's Full Name. Keep reading this article to know more.

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What is the Full Form of Google?

Actually, Google was originated from the word Googol. Googol means 100 Zeros together with one. Whenever you search any query in google, the search result page shows you Goooooooogle at the end of its search result.
This means that the word google has thousands of Zeros included in it. You can understand with this example better: 1 googol= 1.0 X 10 to the Power 100.
Google Is a multimillion Dallor company. It has a vast range of products like Youtube, Google+, Adword, Adsense, Gmail, G-Suit, etc. It actually doesn't have any Official full form. but After Doing some research I came across a Full form, which is:


Full form of other Brands and abbreviations:
There are many other brands which have a full form like, Yahoo, MRF, BMW and much more. So let's Discover their full forms.
Yahoo stands for Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.

What is the full Form of JIO?
You must be wondering that what is the full form of JIO whose sim you might be using right now. so its full form is "Joint Implementation Opportunities" This is the most famous company in India with more than 100 million subscriber base ( continue growing).The company is owned by India's Most Richest Man Mukesh Ambani.

What is The full form of DP in Whats App?
The full form of DP in whats app is Display Picture.Earlier it was used in the days of Online messaging. Than FaceBook Introduced it as Profile Picture.

What is the Full Form Of FIR?
The Full Form Of FIR is First Information Report.

MRF: M- Madras R- Rubber F- Factory
BMW: B- Bayerische M- Motoren W- Werke

I Hope you have Read the full form of Google and other abbreviation. if you have any query then ask me in the comment below. There are many other big Brands who don't have any full form if you want to know more than stay connected with this website. Goog

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