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Mark sheet with Salman Khan and Rahul Gandhi’s Photos

Mark sheet with Salman Khan and Rahul Gandhi’s Photos at Agra University

At first University administration denied to accept their mistake after that blamed it on the private agency with whom it had contracted to print mark sheets.

The mark sheet gone viral on social media, the mark sheet was of a BA first year student form Agra University. The difference is not the only one. There was one more mark sheet with Rahul Gandhi photo on it. Many other had the name of Bhimrao Ambedkar in the place of student’s name (According to Times of India report)

The mistake were came to be known when administration staff were rechecking the result before distributing it to students. The misprinted report cards were recalled and reissued with correction after the issue came to light. The mark sheet belonged to a student of Amrata Singh Memorial Degree College in Aligarh (an affiliate to Agra University)

 The Administration at first not accepted the mistake and then blamed the private agency it had contracted to print the report cards. The public relation officer of Agra University, G.S. Sharma answered Times of India that no complaints from anyone has been filed in this regard.

Several times in past this type of incidence came in news reports that the photos of Bollywood actors have found their place in college/school documents. In the starting of this year picture along with the name of actor Abhishek Bachchan’s appeared on SSC website.

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