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Famous Quotes on success by Famous Personalities

Famous Quotes on success by Famous Personalities.

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 Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
– Mark Twain

 The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.
– Bruce Lee
I don’t measure a man’s success by how high he climbs but how high he bounces when he hits bottom.
– George S. Patton
 Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.
– Booker T. Washington

To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence.
– Mark Twain

Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds.
– Orison Swett Marde
Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.
– John Wooden
 Man needs his difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success.
– A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
One secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.
– Benjamin Disraeli
The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity.
– Ayn Rand
Eighty percent of success is showing up.
– Woody Allen
Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time.
– Arnold H. Glasow

He has achieved success who has worked well, laughed often, and loved much.
– Elbert Hubbard

Flaming enthusiasm, backed up by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success.
– Dale Carnegie
Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.
– Arnold H. Glasow

Success is falling nine times and getting up ten.
– Jon Bon Jovi

Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.
– William Feather

When I dare to be powerful – to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.
--Audre Lorde

The successful man is the one who finds out what is the matter with his business before his competitors do.
– Roy L. Smith

To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence.
– Mark Twain

After every difficulty, ask yourself two questions: “What did I do right?” and “What would I do differently?
– Brian Tracy

Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.
– Zig Ziglar

If you don’t value your time, neither will others. Stop giving away your time and talents. Value what you know and start charging for it.
– Kim Garst

Aim for success, not perfection. Never give up your right to be wrong, because then you will lose the ability to learn new things and move forward with your life. Remember that fear always lurks behind perfectionism.
– David M. Burns

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.
– Arthur Ashe

Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.
– Conrad Hilton

Nothing is less productive than to make more efficient what should not be done at all.
– Peter Drucker

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.
– Mahatma Gandhi

Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value.
– Albert Einstein

Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.
– Alexander Graham Bell

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