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About Us

Hello Dear Reader,I have to say something about me. I am not a Professional blogger, as a student I try to learn from my friends and others, I started blogging few years back but at that time I was not so much active user of Blogspot.  Now I have decided to post regularly. It will not only improve my knowledge but also give chance to make so many online friends.

     I am Ravi Verma, Born in India, I hope you know about India and its rich cultural heritage. I would like you to visit India and have a quality time here. And if you are an Indian then be in contact with me. we could be best friends in future.

 Now talking about this blog I have a keen desire to help others in solving there  day today small and annoying problems. Remember I am not an Expert but taken few courses in some of the topics that I am going to cover in this blog.
  Be ensure that I am not going to make you fool or try to steal your money for giving you any ebook or video series. I am not here to play with your emotions. I know it matters a lot. This blog can help you in many ways. The topics that I have chosen to deliver post on, are now a days common on which people have questions(what I have leaned through my experience in these fields i will share each and every thing with you). If you have any question to ask then feel free to ask me as a friend you can contact me anytime. 

 This is my contact email:

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