Tom Petty albums and songs sales boost

Sales of albums Tom Petty increased sharply after his death
Tom Petty
The sale of albums and songs by deceased rocker Tom Petty is well in the elevator. On the Hot Rock Song List of Billboard, there are currently fourteen albums by Tom Petty in the first 25 places of the hit list.

Sales of albums Tom Petty increased sharply after his death 
The rockstar's music has been widely listened to streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music since its death on 2 October.

Also the number of times a Petty number has been rotated on the radio has increased significantly. The Free Fallin record , ranked fourth in the Hot Rock Songs hitlist, was purchased 31,000 times in the week after death and was streamed 8.1 million times.

The number I Will not Back Down is fifth, went 23,000 times over the counter and was streamed 5.8 million times.

Over 80 million
Tom Petty died on October 2nd at the age of 66, probably due to a cardiac arrest. He has made various solo albums since 1970 and played in various bands, such as The Heartbreakers and Traveling Wilburys. In total, the rocker sold over 80 million records during his career.

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